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Bhumika Takshak

Sridharani Gallery, New Delhi.
Painting by Bhumika Takshak
Date: 30 July to 08 Aug 11
Timing: 11.00 PM to 07.00 PM.
Rameshwar Singh

Sridharani Gallery New Delhi.
Rameshwar Singh
Date: 29 Aug 11 to 29 Aug 11
Timing: 11.00 PM to 07.00 PM.

Indian Express about exhibition of his paintings at Son-et-lumiere, Jehangir Villa, Wodehouse Road,Colaba in 1999
Indian Express: Dated 01/08/2000 about exhibition of his paintings at Dhoomimal Art Gallery, New Delhi in 2000
Bhumka Takshak in a Group Show at New Delhi.

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This is a gateway to Indian contemporary & modern paintings.

Here, you can view the glimpses of old & featured works by Rameshwar Singh and other famous Indian artists. However, to buy the paintings of these artists, please visit studiorameshwaram.

About Rameshwar Singh, Critic Umesh Verma has written,

"Singh is a virile painter from Rajasthan. Through Calligraphic textures and inner alchemic processing, he creates highly decorative folkishly sweet objects and paintings. His process is more or less scientific and has obvious overtones of Rajasthan. Sweetness and mirage are the reason for the essence of his visuals. He invokes poetic-Lingo.”

About Bhumika Takshak, art critic R. S. Yadav writes,

"Bhumika’s Art ought to be classified as highly imaginative. It is not just the figures or the themes or the run-of-the-mill imageries that you see in her works; these are in fact characters in a cross-cultural drama and the drama is not static. Her works evolve towards a higher interaction both within the dramatic space, that is, among the characters in the drama as well as with the audience who witnesses it. This triangular relationship is what makes Bhumika’s works not only interesting but also highly ticklish – in the sense, that they tickle your imagination, defreezing your earlier contracted notions about imageries and thematic approaches. Otherwise how could you digest the renowned artist, the late Picasso, painting the portrait of the young artist?

Glimpses of artistic works by Rameshwar Singh

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